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«Evasion … About Romance and travelling. Which of the readers of these lines has never longed to escape from the reality and daily preoccupations of the troubled times in which we are living? Which of you has never felt amazed and as if he were dreaming, at the sight of a landscape that calls to mind the victory of man over nature? I have especially before my mind the st. Gothard railway-line ( … ) Dear modellers, which of you has not had, at least once, the secret desire to be able to reproduce a similar landscape and to possess these magnificent international trains, which for our benefit and the benefit of our fellow-creatures join the North of our continent to the south? … ».

(Extract from the introduction of the first Pocher catalogue in colour published in 1958).


On this site you will find everything I collected about the railway fabrication of the Maestro. Of course the collection is far from being complete and it will get richer with the acquisitions and the photos we will get from other collectors and on different websites. It will not be easy but not impossible with your help….

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have some Pocher material either damaged or broken.

I collect a maximum of wreckages to have a stock of spare parts.

I would like to thanks Signor Michele Lomolino and Signor Arnaldo Benetti for their authorisation to use their books to help me to record precisely the known material. Also thank you to Signor Renato de Meo for the information regarding the era of production ARPO, Metropolitan and MCA.

We wish you a lot of pleasure in browsing our pages and we hope that you will find what you are looking for!

Translation : M. Zurkinden

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Pocher 1968 – 1989
Export, etc.

Tramway de Zurich ELEFANT le voila .. cela faisait longtemps que je l’attendais

Après une longue attente, j’ai enfin trouvé des voies courbes pour faire au minimum un ovale !!!

Prochainement, je présenterai un diorama fonctionnel uniquement Pocher, avec voies et accessoires, et bien sur, matériel roulant.

Merci à tous de votre patience

Curiosités et questions !!
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Le site est en transformation pour améliorer la classification des modèles, pour faciliter la recherche, en fonction du no d’article POCHER, et surtout pour permettre de mieux visualiser les variantes de fabrication A,B,C, etc…

Mais aucune mise à jour ne sera visible, tant qu’il y aura des codes malveillants venant perturber le bon fonctionnement du site.